Embracing the Christmas Spirit 🤶

….Its Christmas y’all.Its like five days away and damn am I excited for it. My favourite time of the year where the two most important aspects of my life are with me… 🥁drum roll… Family for one and Food :Meat to be precise 😁😁…I am a girl who appreciates the gift of food and wouldn’t take it for granted at all cause there are days it’s not always there. Away from that, I love love Christmas and the whole feeling it brings along with it. Possibly the only thing my Christmas lacks for me is snow cause Kenya doesn’t snow apart from when Nyahururu decides to blow our minds. Hopefully someday I will have a Christmas under a mistletoe making snow angels.. 

So Christmas isn’t just about eating and going out with family and friends, though doing all that isn’t wrong at all… It’s just a piece of the puzzle that Christmas entails. For the most of my childhood Christmas was one day to remember. My family had this tradition where we would wake up early on that Christmas morning and my mom would tune up Christmas carols. Then on Christmas Eve we would gather up all the extra clothes in the house that either were too small for us or we out grew them and we would put them together in like a big bag.So on the morning of the 25th we would take a trip to the children’s home in Karatina and before arrival we would make a stop at the supermarket to do some shopping for the kids in the home. I remember the feeling it used to bring my family and I seeing those kids so excited and happy to have something to celebrate with and new clothes and food for them but most importantly people to celebrate Christmas with. The gift of sharing and the gift of togetherness. My mother always reminded my sister and I that Christmas was the time of year you give back to the world. She treasured Christmas so much and as I grew up I took it up from her. 

Most of us today view Christmas as a day when they meet their loved ones,eat a lot and make merry. If not the majority, a large percentage of people don’t take the time to give back to those around them who may not have that family or plenty of food to feed of. We all know that Christmas was the day Jesus Christ was born and for Christians it is the day the Messiah was born. What did He do for us? He sacrificed much more than just food and family but sacrificed His life for us on a cross. Would it be too much to give a little of what you have to someone less fortunate around you so they too would know how it feels to have a little Christmas spirit in them. I haven’t given back ever since I lost the one person I thought made Santa look like a joke cause she made a rainy Christmas look like the best day on earth with all the love and care she gave out. But this year I want to bring back her spirit and her love cause I know wherever my mother is she probably celebrates Christmas better and would love it if we did the same too.So this Christmas its going to be brought five years back when it was all about sharing and caring. I am done taking Christmas for granted and we should all do too. Am not asking for you to go out of your way to give to everyone around but if it’s in your capability to, well and good. Make a difference in someone’s Christmas this year. Give a bit of what is yours to someone who probably hasn’t had a Christmas worth their while and bring a smile to their faces. A real Christmas giver is one who will give from their hearts and not expect something in return. Make a difference with me and share that joy in your heart by making someone happy this Christmas. God will never seize to see the little things and efforts His children put, be rest assured of that. And with that, I want to wish you all a beautiful Merry Christmas and a blessed Happy New year.✌

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