2018 Hoyeeee!! 😎😎😎

So the new year huh 🙄….Ooh Hell No!! 😁😁😁That’s not how I am starting this year and hoping that’s not how your starting the year too. But before we delve into what I want my new year to be like and all, let’s first do a recap of how my 2017 was alright 😉 .So I am immensely gratefully for not being in school for that year, and when I say school I mean where I am being under twenty four hour surveillance by old people who don’t really seem like the have a life really .No offense to teachers, much respect for the work your doing with dealing with delinquents, mustn’t be easy. So back to the point, my last year was more or less a blur. Happened really fast.Had happy moments here and there like I attended my first fashion show for plus size females and let me tell you, just a tip for you guys, if your female doesn’t have some solid meat to her bones, your missing out. Either your the problem cause you ain’t treating her right or she is just sadly skinny. Whichever the case, plus size females are a real treasure to behold,if you don’t have one, you fail terribly and if you ain’t one you are missing on the sweet things in life 🍟🍖🍗🧀🍔🍆….Yes… 🤣🤣..Dick included. 

I also got to start college.I can’t really say my college experience has been what I expected but it was a good step for me starting that page in my life. I think that’s pretty much it for me in 2017…The other moments were spent with family and friends .Earlier when I was thinking of what I was gonna write in my first blog post in the new year, I wanted to come clean and say I legit have a fetish for some weird ass shit and I blame it all on Wattpad 🤓🤓.I guess the only time geeky comes to mind is when I spend half my day reading smut and werewolf books on wattpad. Trust me when I say I have gotten some really crazy fetish from there. https://www.tenor.co/tk7m.gif ….Mind blown shot right there.Maybe in my next post I will come clean with my 🎵🎶wild wild wild thoughts 🎶🎵.Also I think I should come clean with is even though on a normal occasion I wouldn’t say this cause I would probably think it’s too embarrassing and degrading for me to say out 🔊. 2017 I was under the pressure to have a partner, yes 😑 this girl right here in all her glory *cocky much 😏 wanted to have a partner and someone who would not only love her but understand her, know her pain and help her build herself rather than cower away like she knows best. I thought that maybe if I changed and tried to be a bit more social and out there, I would get what I wanted but shock😨.I think my expectations of my kind of guy is a bit too high. It’s legitimately hard to get mature men this days God! 🙄 .I am a modern female but I actually like the old ways of courting, I would pick a guy who asks me out on a date over a guy who wants to Skype, I would pick a guy who writes me a letter over guy who thinks texting me constantly is thinking that is keeping in touch. Well, I didn’t get what I wanted but who says I still don’t have hope. I know my gentleman is out there, his dorm side will kick in as soon as he sees me. Ooh my damn! I sound like a fairy tale junkie 😵.

So now out with the old and in with the new, I have actually never really done the whole new years resolutions kinda stuff. This year I decided I needed to have some cause I want things to be different. Sometimes even as I grow I realize that priorities change and things you never really paid attention to are now important. I think resolutions are personal so I won’t go out by naming them but I am super excited to start working on them. A friend of mine told me that she doesn’t have resolutions cause she is too cool for it. I didn’t really know what to respond to that but one things for sure I didn’t think I was any less cooler for having resolutions, but o guess people have different though sometimes weird understandings of things. Though I am letting out that this year is fully based on self love and appreciation. I want to learn how to do things for myself without having a small voice in my mind that nudges me that what will the world think, what will they silently judge me and say  behind my back. Fuck that shit.Its gonna be all about what makes me happy. I am also gonna have one main rule with my all my friends. Friends don’t lie. #Stranger Things. I don’t want friends who will bluntly lie to my face about anything. Am done with that life. 

So yeah, I have a lot of hopes for this year and above all I am trusting My Jehovah is gonna be with me through it all. I know not many may read this but it’s more for me to speak my mind…. Before I forget, I am crazy crazy about Stranger Things. If you haven’t watched this series your failing a lot. Millibobby Brown is my secret best friend. The only I would actually consider good enough for that role.😏.She is so young and is making a name for herself. That’s a thumbs up. 

As I start this journey of 2018 ,my non existent readers or the few who will ever read this, welcome aboard 🎡rollercoaster that is my life.✌

6 responses to “2018 Hoyeeee!! 😎😎😎”

  1. 😂😂so that friend who is like she’s too cool for resolutions… Fuck her!.. Then you’re too dramatic bitch 😂 but I love it… Can’t wait for you to write in huge magazines😘

  2. Damn!! I like the flow of the all thing….but wait a min, you mean plus sized bitches are the real deal? I thought so too. You’re doing good stuff girl keep it up and waiting for th next post sooonest

  3. I stopped reading at paragraph 1 or is it paragraph 2 where you said sijui missing out on the good things
    Because I felt like you were skinny shaming 😭😭😭😭yes,skinny shaming is a thing too😂😂😂you have to stay woke this 2018 …skinnies have feelings too you know 😪and if you think there was nothing wrong with that remark,think about it the other way round…how would you feel if someone said that and plus sizes beauties…I thought you said not to seek validation by putting other people down 🤧🤧🤧#allwomenarebeautiful #friendsdontlie

    • Hey Love.First of all, I appreciate that you read and commented. The feedback is of great help. I am sorry you feel I skinny shamed small petite females which was further from the point. I do know skinny shaming is a thing but when I made the comment on people refusing to take stuff like chocolate cause they won’t have to be plus size and not discriminated ,was for those who consider being plus size an anomaly. I wouldn’t skinny shame females cause I would be no better of a person from those who fat shame girls. If I had an intention which I souly didn’t to skinny shame girls, I would have mentioned it. And I completely do believe that friends don’t lie. So I appreciate your honesty in what you understood.

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