My aspiration in life… 🤰

Every time I decide to sit down and write, there is always an intense emotion behind it and whatever am about to write is usually based from the thought that brought about my emotion. For this time, it’s not all goofy and silly. This time it’s actually sentimental. Yes😏,am going soft on you guys today so brace yourselves.My blog title has actually just come to me as I was singing my all time favourite Beyonce, pretty hurts. In the middle of the song there comes a part where she is asked what her aspiration in life is and her answer is usually to be happy. I kinda thought through that and probably everyone’s aspiration is no different from hers really.. The only difference that would individually stand out from the other person’s is what it is that makes one happy. I too would probably say my aspiration in life is to be happy.Question is ,what makes me happy?

What’s your aspiration in life? My aspiration in life, my aspiration in life,in life ,that’s a great question, I wasn’t expecting that question.Aspiration in life .My aspiration in life is to be happy. “My aspiration in life is to be what I would refer the greatest gift God gave woman, the ability to give life, share a bond and carry another life in them. Being a mother. Am sure most of you are wondering what would a nineteen year old girl know about being a mother let alone raising a child?Well actually this nineteen year old knows nothing about being a mother but one thing is for sure, she can’t wait to be one. God graced us with the ability to share a beautiful bond with another human. Take care of them, cater for them and nature them to be better human beings. Why wouldn’t I want to have all that when someone else did the same thing for me. Statistically, the larger percentage of people my age don’t think the same cause if they did, they wouldn’t be as many cases of abortion as they are now.I don’t actually judge people who think doing this hienous act as a means to an end have no fault. I do judge them just internally cause it breaks my heart to think that they took no consideration of the life they were carrying inside them.A woman out there is praying to all the gods she thinks exist so she could have the same privilege as the one careless enough to terminate a pregnancy.

I ponder on what I will call my kids when I am on my own and have nothing to think about. I yearn to be as great of a mother as mine was. To love and sacrifice everything I am for my offspring, to cater for them and cherish every moment together with them. To carry them in my womb for nine months and “hate “those hectic moments cause I can’t wait for them to see the day of light. I may seem delirious to most but I have so much love to give and can’t wait to. I can’t give much as I would want to in this post cause I am yet to be get my aspiration in life. To be a mother. ✌

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