I have feels too… I am ➕ size Beautiful. 

Hallo,my lovelies.When I say my lovelies I mean it more of those few who are gonna read this or simply my imaginary audience. Actually,sometimes I read posts written by others and look at the great feedback they get and am like 😱…will I get there, ever. As much as am not supposed to think this, I can’t help myself sometimes when I hear this voice in my head that says nah,its probably not gonna happen that people are going to yearn what your “little “mind has to give😵.This blog for me is and I want it to be an outlet for me to express myself, people reading is just added bonus to it. So back to the context of today, I want to go harm on what some people in our world secretly believe is a crime, others would believe it to be socially unacceptable and sadly others would believe it to be ugly. All this is something that is opinionated by people .I too have my opinion on it and right here right now I am gonna speak it out 😔.

For starters, I am a plus size female. No, let me clarify that better,I am ➕ size beautiful. I had to do a take back of the first one cause right here is where I am putting it all out for people who are plus size and think they are anything less than beautiful. For the longest time being a plus size female was actually termed as being Fat. This is a name I would personally only tag a pig to and not a human however their size. Fat is a term that generally means over weight which I have no problem with not until it became a tag for people who are over weight but as a means to insult them, degrade them and make them feel less of a person than the average sized human being .People have gone as far as to make someone else feel uncomfortable in their own bodies cause all they see in the mirror is such a foul creature and one who doesn’t deserve love and appreciation. I have fallen victim to criticism and fat shaming from people just cause in their eyes I didn’t fit in. My sister is a plus size female who has gone through bullying from people through their crude comments about her size and how she should go to the gym to cut off the fat. What in people’s minds would think its okay to discriminate someone else according to their size and weight😡?To put it out there and call someone fat goes far beyond my and many others understanding cause bottom line is nobody should, period. Don’t talk about someone else’s weight or size in what ever manner as long as its of no concern to you cause they never did ask for a reaffirmation from you.

I write this cause despite knowing that I am a plus size girl and beautiful. I have my insecurities too.Being a plus size isn’t a piece of cake, we go through so much from aching muscles when we strain too much, to wheezing our lungs out when we walk up fleets of stairs and being squeezed in public vehicles and to top it off, have the constant reminder from daft people that we are over weight. Cut us some slack. Being plus size doesn’t mean I am void to emotion and getting hurt by words. When someone asks me if I can run ,right before I can give an answer they already filled it in with the assumption that she is too big, she wouldn’t make it far without blowing her lungs out. Being big doesn’t render me immobile. I may strain to do certain things but I am just as much of a human being as anyone else smaller or bigger than me. People being them believe ➕ size people have more insecurities than the average sized person. Yaas,we have insecurities but you know what, everyone else too has their own. But for plus size people, they are more prominent and it’s all because they care too much what people will think about them so they go out of their way to hide behind the shadows and keep their insecurities under wraps. I am living proof of how bad I want to hide behind the shadows cause my insecurities feel so prominent and I wouldn’t want to show the world what is beneath my clothes. I can’t leave my house with a sleeveless on cause my arms are full of stretch marks and it’s not that am ashamed of my stretch marks, I am just too scared about the judging eyes I will find outside. I probably sound like a hypocrite trying to incite people to be themselves when I myself can’t seem to do the same but its just as much of a struggle for me as it is for everyone else out there who gets discriminated for their weight.

Today, I want to change that. Starting with me. I want to empower plus size people to think nothing less of themselves other than beautiful and deserving. We don’t need reassurance from others about how we are on the outside when all that matters is what is on the inside. ➕ size beautiful is all we should focus on and not just say it but believe it as well. If a friend asks your weight, tell them with your head held high you are ➕ size beautiful and do it with all boldness and not a quiver in your spirit. Weight has and will never make what is important in a person. What is in one’s heart is what is most important. Last year I attended the most empowering event for plus size beauties in Kenya and let me tell you,if you are anything less than plus size, you would have wished you ate that chocolate bar you thought could cut your calories down .And who ever lied to people that being plus size is as a result of eating unhealthy, sorry to burst your bubble but for some its just their bodies and genes. Don’t go assuming that when in the same room with a plus size person and your having yourselves a feast that you can count yourself to go hungry just cause they will eat everything on the menu. Don’t be daft. 😒

Inner beauty is not defined by the colour of our skin or the brand of the shoes we wear. It neither is defined by our weight or height.Its souly defined by what is in one’s heart. I know some people may say when they ask plus size people about their weight, it’s a harmless question. It never is a harmless question to the person. They end up feeling like being plus size is an abnormality of some kind when it’s actually not at all. Appreciate people for who they are and what size they are. Don’t go calling people names just to make yourself feel better and make them feel less. It’s not right and nothing justifies it. For me and my fellow ➕ size beauties of the world. We can be whoever we wanna be with no limitations whatsoever. If you want to gain people’s respect, respect yourself first and they will too. Don’t cower away from them just cause you feel you don’t belong, you do belong and weight should never be a means to an end. We are beautiful and gorgeous and we deserve everything good in life. Nobody and nothing should change that .➕ Size Beautiful all day everyday. 😁✌

P. S. Shout out to plus fabulosity for hosting Kenya Plus Size Fashion Week. It was the greatest and most empowering I have felt and proud of my weight. Thank you. And also Pure Plus Brand for cloth wear for ➕ size beauties.

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  1. That first picture the one with the Instagram handle my lifecoachracheal… I think it’s a bit hypocritical…ironic to say the least.Because at 26,she looks like she’s lost the tummy.And yet she’s preaching self love…telling people how they should pay attention to social expectations and what not and yet she looks like she did exactly that…like that’s what made her gain her new found confidence…I donno about you,but this self looks ambassadors tend to confuse me sometimes…but all in all,your piece was powerful..I actually do believe that beauty comes in all heights,colors,shapes and sizes .Lookong forward to more pieces 🔥

    • Thank you Peter. And it should be covered for plus size men too. Nobody should let you feel anything less than great just cause they discriminate you for your weight. Weight never has and never will define who people are. Thank you so much for reading it means the world to me to get feedback from people.

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