Goddammit Annoying 😡.

Hello lovelies. First and foremost I want to so much appreciate everyone who takes their time to read this and share with their friends. I didn’t have any plans to update this soon but I actually just felt the need to write and this had been on the top of my list. Thank you so very much for the support and even taking time to read it and comment. God bless you immensely for that🤗🤝.So as I had earlier said I didn’t plan on writing this soon but when the urge comes,I heed to it cause most of all this is my outlet to say what it is that’s on my mind and it’s a bonus when people read it. Pretty much it’s the only way I speak out my thoughts without having to verbally express them. So today I may not write too long though it’s not like I limit myself. I just go with the flow of my thoughts really 🤓.

I am writing this at ten minutes to ten and just thirty minutes ago to be precise I was watching Discovery channel on TV and I was watching a program called Outrageous acts of a psych. You should really watch it, you learn a lot of why you do things in your day to day lives. So they were showing how people react to when others invade your personal space and do things purposely to rile you up and it got me upset cause it got me thinking of how much I hate the little things people do to piss one off so hard. Like just yesterday I was traveling to Ruiru and I sat at the very back seat. P. S I hate those seats cause they are damn uncomfortable especially those that insists on having four people sit on them and I have already occupied like one and a quarter of the three seats. Anyway, back to the matatu I was at.I sat next to this lady who was super busy using her phone so she clearly didn’t care if I had just taken the seat next to her not that I really expected her to.It didn’t take me long to want to alight from that vehicle for one soul reason. She was chewing bubble gum in her mouth and the noise she made while at it was loud enough for the driver to hear. I tried blocking it off with my earphones on while listening to music but Lo! It didn’t make much of a difference. I don’t know if it’s a thing but she also had this look on her face of such arrogance like she was doing it to purposely pull my strings. Like seriously, what would it cost someone to chew like a decent person and without having to let the world know your chewing gum and close your mouth while at it😤?I had a hope that she would alight the vehicle before we got to our destination but sadly I had to deal with her noise all way through. That’s just one of the things that is so goddamn annoying. 

Then again, something else that seriously gets me so riled up is when someone consciously ivades my personal space. I say consciously because, they always have a hidden agenda behind doing it. Personally, my personal space is like the area four feet around me and it doesn’t just mean being there or that close, there are so many ways your personal space can be invaded. For one, when someone hugs you and insists that they are better not letting you go🙄.For goodness sake, we are not magnets that are bound to attract each other physically so you can let me go now 😒.Unless your my secret celebrity crush who for one my chances of meeting are at probably on an average let’s say zero😁,hug me and put some distance yo! And you find that those who insists on pulling such moves are guys in my case who are either shady looking and thought they could make a pass at you and so they went for a hug than just a simple hand shake and since in their minds they want to pass the message across to you they like you more than a hand shake they press themselves on you and rub themselves on you and feel your mounds. Ewe dude for God’s sake if I wanted you more than a friend I wouldn’t go rubbing myself on you like a Koala on a Eucalyptus tree 🤢.So if you often do that, how about you try telling it out verbally to the person that you like and not rubbing yourself physically on them. 

Again with the clinging ,why does this seem right to some guys that when you hand shake a female’s hand ,you shameless refuse to give it back or you start fiddling with your fingers on their palm and draw circles.In my mother tongue, that’s simply mannerless. Where did you learn that and why would you think it is right to do that in the first place. I have actually never called someone on doing that but I won’t stand it anymore cause it is so gross. Please respect someone else’s personal space and don’t end up looking like a creep in front of me while giving me a toothless grin that just gets it more weird. I am honestly directing this to the men who may do this obviously thinking its some way to get a direct hit on a girl. Sorry to honestly burst your bubble but it only gets a girl grossed out more than impressed. So if you do that on an often basis, for the sake of personal space please stop. And lastly, the other thing that I legit hate is when someone just makes noise when I am so concentrated on something and just around me someone finds it right at that very moment to blow up and cause a scene. There are people who are such attention seekers that it sorta bugs them when their mouths are shut and they don’t really take note of those around them and I guess they don’t really care.I am not saying that being free to “make noise ” is a bad thing. Hell even I know I make noise though mine tends to be internal more than external noise. Please have a bit of consideration for others and don’t be so obnoxious about yourself and go” Ooh I don’t care what others think”. There is somethings that yes you shouldn’t care about what others think but when it comes to doing things around us that may affect them directly, have a little consideration 😔.I could go all night long and write about all the things people do that are so annoying but I just wrote those that have been most prominent lately for me and seriously annoy me. Anyway, probably there are things too I obliviously do that upset others around me though am hoping since I am not around people as much I don’t have an annoying habit. For all those who will read this thank you so much.✌

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  1. 😂😂😂😂the part about chewing…lol
    I hate it too…but sometimes I find myself chewing away so shamelessly and am like “dzamn girl behave ”
    Funny thing about me… I think I prefer hugs to handshakes 🤝Just don’t touch my ass 🙄🙄🙄😤this days people hardly know how to give proper handshakes and a bad handshake is so annoying add to that,you really don’t know where those hands have been 😂😂😂😂the things that hands do…only God knows
    And girl… you mean you write as you go along?that’s pretty impressive
    God knows if it was me I’d have like 5-10 drafts 😂😂😂😂
    I can be such a perfectionist at times… and trust me…being a perfectionist doesn’t always help
    Lol…why am I even talking about myself in your blog 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Hello love. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.It means so much. I also am sometimes a perfectionist on stuff especially when I want it to come out perfect. I am grateful that you enjoy my updates though am scared that if I write too much people will soon get bored if I post too many since I won’t give them a chance to take in the previous one. Hopefully it won’t be the case. Thank you again and have a lovely Sunday.

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