Five Facts about who I think I am. 😁

Hello my lovelies. Aki I totally stopped using Hallo after I learned that it’s actually not a word courtesy of a good friend of mine. Shout out to you Masheti. So, it’s a double update for me tonight and I am pumped about it cause I was thinking of what I actually was to write about and then I just came to the conclusion that I should write a little about myself. I am sure if I asked my friends who they think I am I would get answers, I just ain’t sure they would be correct so I thought, why not evaluate myself and see how much of myself I know cause I sometimes think I too ain’t too conversant with who I am🤔.🤗Before I even go into details of who I am ,best start of the month, I moved into a new house. To most it may not seem like a big deal but trust me it’s a big deal for me and my sister cause one we are staying together which is awesome in every way. We are already best friends so it works for us. I am grateful to have left the place I was staying at and this is souly for one reason, my roommate was a pain in the ass. Damn it feels good to say that😅.She had a lot going on and when I say a lot I mean a lot. She came on too hard for this simple girl to handle but it’s all cool now.Back to topic now, where was I? Ooh yeah, five things I think cause I am not sure I know about myself.

One, the thing I adore most in life,’La Familia’.I am not even sure that is the right way of saying family in Spanish but I had to give it a shot since its always in the back of my mind to say it and in this case write it 😆.So yeah, this is the one thing I am a hundred percent sure about. Family is my everything and when I say everything I mean it exactly like it is. For starters, family for me goes beyond blood. On the top of the chain for me is my Old man,my mother and sister. I would kill for them in a heartbeat and not feel a thing. That explains everything cause I think if I went into detail about how much they mean to me I would end up basing this post on them alone. Dad, mum and Harriet are my world, like I live to have them in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.My mum not being there physically to me doesn’t mean she isn’t family anymore,I believe we are more connected now that she is my guardian 😇 and she is in my heart constantly. ❤My other family who I adore too so much is my baby brother,Ron.Where would I be without that Rascal. He is one guy I guess I tuned myself to protect for the rest of my life and he means the world to me.#He isn’t technically a baby but I call him baby brother cause I know I can 😂😁.I have my clique who have been my family since I wore diapers and all we knew was to eat soil and cook mud. I also love some of my extended family cause as I said, I believe family goes beyond blood and that means too blood doesn’t necessarily mean family to me.Then again, family doesn’t only mean humans. I always believe that when I lost my mom, I lost a half of my heart cause some part of me died with her but earlier last year on the Nineteenth of January, I got back a small piece of the heart I lost and it was retrieved back to me inform of my greatest treasure. My dog,T-Rex.He is now one year and fourteen days old. He is my son and I adore him more than anything else in this world. Most people don’t understand the length of what my dog means to me cause they don’t know the exent of which he restored a piece of me I didn’t know still exsists .T, is everything to me and anyone who is close to me knows,a smack on the face would be better than an insult to him cause for that,I would make your death look like an accident ☠️💀.😄Enough of my death threats. Family is who I am and I love love them to the ends of the universe and back a thousand times over.My animals at home are my family too. Melly and family 😺🐈🐐🐕🐕🐕🐔🐓.

Family has taken up more than I thought it would but trust me I have tried to shorten it.The second fact about myself is that I have a very soft spot and when I mean very I mean immense soft spot for animals especially the cute ones but all in general apart for reptiles. Snakes are vile animals in my mind and nothing is going to change that.I have this crazy connection to animals I sometimes feel weirder than normal cause It comes as an instinct for me to just show concern and care about them. Especially dogs and cats. Third fact about me, I consider myself a shy person.I wouldn’t say too shy to interact with people but I am very conscious about what I did and what it reflects.Shyness comes when I am trying new stuff especially with people around me and the like. I feel tuned to do things and going all wild and YoLo’ing isn’t my kinda thing.I over calculate things and sometimes it sucks but the caution saves me from trouble sometimes too.

Fact four about me is that I love music a lot. It soothes me just like writing does. I feel connected to it especially when the lyrics are deep an I relate. I can sing though not Beyonce’s level, just good enough for the bathroom. Music soothes the soul if I have to sound too cliché. I love food too and I ain’t saying this just cause am a big chic, no. I love food cause I can. I don’t think I eat too much but I eat just enough and a little extra to keep me happy. Though I gotta admit that when I am stressed I tend to stress eat and it’s not a good thing 😬.

Fact five and my final fact is that am such a sap for Romance and romantic novels and movies. I don’t ball my eyes out when sad parts come on air but I imagine what it would be like to have a Romeo in my life. Reading has actually increased my sappyness for romance and I am beginning to question that maybe that’s why am still single🙄🤔😆.Reading novels has broadened my mind so much that my kind of man might not sound real to most and sometimes I think I am being too much but then again, I ain’t going for anything less than what I want.

So those are just a few things I believe I know

about myself and I actually believe I am not so lost in knowing myself as I thought I was. One time in class, my lecturer asked us to write in a psychology class what we know about ourselves and to be truthfully honest I didn’t have a clue what to write so this is an achievement for me. Anyway, I love the feeling of having written and let out some of the pent up pressure from this week. Happy weekend to those who are gonna read this and ✌.

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  1. Alaaaa … I read this late 😭😭😭😭I have so much to say but I’ll just hit you up in your dm 😂😂😂lest it becomes another blog altogether
    Ati you’re only good at singing in the shower?! Mbona unatuchocha aki 😂😂😂Girl…your voice is everything
    I miss the Isabella days 💞
    And I love your blog girl…it’s on my top 3
    I guess it’s because I know you personally…it feels more real

    • Hey love, it means the world to me that you read my blog and comment. I miss the Isabella days too. I write cause I want to not only enjoy writing what’s on my mind but also be real with who I am.Thank you so so much that you take time to read my blog. 😘😘

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