Slip Up.😥😣

Hello my lovelies. I have missed, craved even to write on my blog. I haven’t written in a whole two weeks and in my case that’s terrible cause writing for me is relaxing ,relieving but most of all and best of all therapeutic for me and I don’t like loosing grasp of why I write. I think I have had a slip up of my whole motive on writing and I am apologizing to my inner self for being carried away and forgetting that writing for me was never only about getting the reviews from people .Its souly for me to let my mind go and not have to feel constricted to speak too much and hold a lot in and am sorry to me that I forgot the bigger picture .

I have learned that I shouldn’t be reliant on what others do or not do when it concerns me. Today to say the least, I learned that the hard way but I think it’s a great kick to the butt for me. I had an eye opener of why I am souly doing this and I thought it’d be best I write this so that the next time I forget ,I have this to remind me. I write to embrace writing and speak my mind through written form and not get feedback from people or please them. This in itself is me being honest with myself and opening my eyes. So hence forth, “So Mercy don’t feel obligated to write for the world, write cause you want to get your outlet and to enjoy myself. “This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate those who read my post ,I do a lot. That’s a P.S.☝️✌

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