I Crave Love💓

I crave love,

You wanna know why I crave love?

It’s because I can.

It’s nerve wrecking knowing my craving is insatiable at the moment.

It’s frustrating to say the least.

Wait is a word that has never worked well with me and I don’t plan on starting now.

I crave love, simple as that.

Why is it taking so long?

Did I do something wrong that I don’t deserve love?

Am I so damaged It stands before my eyes but I can’t see.

I am I so focused on what kind of love I need I don’t realize I am loosing?

Should it hurt this fucking much?

Or I am just that socially awkward that I don’t deserve love?

Kindly believe me, I know none of that crap above is true.I crave love cause I know he craves it too.I thought that I could be invisible to my canal crave and not just my crave for love but here I am, ain’t I?Here I fucking am…. I crave love and until then,I won’t stop. 🙃

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