The Truth 😤

Hello my lovelies. Tonight am saddened and more of pissed off .Tonight I not only want to share my thoughts and feelings about this gross trend that I think has picked up but I am more of creating awareness to all my friends and everyone else who is going to read about it. So a while ago I was watching a program on television on a story based documentary about a lady called Rose Mcgowan.Probably most of you who aren’t up to date on the things that trend in the world wouldn’t know much about her story. She is a celebrity female who came out with her story where she was abused sexually by another famous man I think she worked with. I don’t have the full on detail about her story but if you are interested you can check it out on the internet.

Maybe with this next story, majority of you will know who is involved in it. Recently today, a trend that is slowly picking up is of Peter Tanui.He is accused of raping not one but several females through luring and others while taking advantage of them. So many people have come out with their stories and truths and some of those stories have brought legit tears to my eyes cause of how heartbreaking they are. The last story that some of you may have heard late last year was of a well known actor who probably the ladies who are gonna read this swoon over him. Nick Mutuma too had been accused of sexually harassing females and again not one but several times . For those who may be die hard fans of theirs and think I am making up stuff about them, you can research on the net.

What is honestly happening here is that the vulnerability of what women and young ladies are going through in silence is heart wrecking.It may not have had a direct effect on me but it’s still affects me cause it’s my gender that is going through this and in the hands of who😢?The celebrities we go die hard for and appraise so highly like they are some demigods or something. The truth of the matter is that they don’t do this obliviously ,they do this because they feel invincible to punishment and probably in their sick minds they may think they are doing us a favour by gracing us females with their sick minded bodies. The stories that have come out about not only the mentioned celebrities but so many others out in the world are proof enough to know it’s true cause of the intensity of it and the facts that are brought forward. To top it all off, the said celebrities actually don’t fight to clear their names but merely apologize and say sorry thinking that it makes up for what they have done when it actually doesn’t. Sorry doesn’t cut it when you have scar’d someone’s life mentally, physically, emotionally and in every other possible aspect of their lives. The extent of the damage this people we look up to cause doesn’t cut it to explain half the pain they cause their victims. Females as the main and majority victims are taken as fragile china dolls that can be bent easily that’s why threatening them to keep their “traps” shut is the option they take while threatening to either harm them instead. I am so damn sick of the female population being seen as weaklings in the world who can easily be taken advantage of and manipulated .What reason in this earth would a man in his right mind justify taking advantage of a woman. That woman, that girl is a mother, a daughter to someone else and the extent of your damage on her life will go to her and her family. Assholes who think it makes them better men are twisted psychopaths .Doesn’t it cross your mind that you as the rapist and sexual offender came from a woman too. It’s despicable to say the least how much loathe I feel when I know too well they ain’t worth any feeling at all apart from pity. I stand with all sexually offended and abused victims to come clean and not fear to say those vile creatures who call themselves men because they raped a woman. It’s high time we don’t stay in the shadows anymore and fight them head on with courage and not only to put them in the spotlight but to receive closure for yourselves.

Life has never felt more real like it has today when it comes to sexual assault especially to girls out there.For those in the lime light who think that since they have fans who are going to hang on your every word like love sick puppies and its gonna give you a chance to manipulate them to doing what you want, you can get over your egos and shove your sickass minds up your asses.Let us not go silent into the night and let’s speak out our truths. For those named celebrities who have done such despicable acts, it’s a shame. 😔

P. S This is my opinion and what I think doesn’t have to make you happy.

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