Fetish and what not.

Hello lovelies.I want to first of all thank those who still take time to read this and enjoy the work of art that’s my mind. I am not an open book for many and I wouldn’t wish to be. It would mean me loosing my mojo.I try not to let out a lot cause I rethink through a lot of things in my life and they restrict me but tonight I feel like getting down and dirty and spilling my thoughts out loud.Am guessing your wondering #for those who will read that is,what am rambling about😏…..

Have I ever said I have this weird attraction to

guys who are not your average kind of man. Yes, I said man🙄.For one, I am not looking for any kind of guy. Ooh, that’s the least I am looking for. I have this weird attraction,i wouldn’t call it a sick attraction to guys who are damaged.A guy with an unspoken past, skeletons in his closet and what not. Do I know why I am attracted to them?You bet I do cause they are a mystery for me to unravel and they have one aspect which by the way is a great turn on, they have this dorminant stance and aura because they are used to having their own control of things around them. There I said it😉,I have a fetish for dominant men .There is a lot than just what meets the eye when it comes to this kind of guys .Hold on for a second 😅,before all of you who are going to grace me with your attention while reading this, don’t get me wrong and misquote me. I didn’t say I am into BDSM or fifty shades of grey kind of shit. Nope. That’s not what I mean though I would be curious to see if it’s such a turn on as they make it seem 😂😂.Forget I said that.

I can’t really go into detail on when I found out about this weird attraction but I am still progressively learning more about it. Let’s say, my interest perks up when around guys who are all round silent and those who don’t need attention from others but attract it whether they wish to or not. This is souly based on the kind of guy I would like to date. The way females have their type of guys who are simple, crazy and what not ,mine is just quiet and low key cause they have a lot more going on. Do I think I am a submissive?No,I am not a submissive but would only submit to a man worth my submission. What do I mean🤔?I mean I am not going to allow myself to be under a man’s authority if he ain’t worth having any authority. Ever just been around people who call on your inner submissive without any intentional reason but they just tend to ooze authority and dominance… Yeah, those are definitely my kind.A while back, a girl admitting her feelings to a man she likes was unheard of. Today, it’s still not that trendy but females are growing balls to approach a guy and tell them straight that they like them. I am not sure I have those “balls” pun intended. I wish I did. It’s the same in my case.For the longest time I have been contemplating over and over in my head whether saying my attraction to dominant guys is allowed or not in the eyes of others. P. S I am still trying to be more me centered than others centered.

When I think I have everything planned out in my head about what to write and I end up forgetting all together 🤦.So as I was saying, yeah my kind of men are low key but lions beneath that wool.I want a man who makes me feel beautiful and sexy even with morning breathe and nest hair. But most of all, a dorm’s first and foremost priority is his baby girl, his princess ,his woman. I love my men a little rough on the edges and with a stubble. Probably I sound like a maniac to some of you but I am just being real 😋.I have been going back and forth that I am ready to be in a relationship but what I didn’t realize was that I am not just ready for any kind of relationship. I have been doing flings for all my life, now I am looking for not just a fling but a goddamn commitment.So my truth is out in the open, I want a man who walks in and gets me off by just glancing at me.I am a strong female but we too need stronger men in our lives. Probably y’all think that this man is fantasy…It’s not😏.I have never been a patient person but for this kind of guy, I will be. Embrace your fetish if you actually have one😉.✌

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