I am done

It’s on the 3rd of March and I am sad. I would blame it on every single friend who has let me down and failed me but I choose not to. It has taken pain to open my eyes that I loose focus on myself and I give up my self will to others and all I get in return is a ‘punch to the gut’ and am sick of it. I am sick of not standing on my own to feet and not making decisions without looking over my shoulder to seek a certain validation and if it doesn’t come,i crumble in my own puddle of unfulfilled plans as I watch them go down the drain. I am done.

I am done with not being man enough to be

around strangers without a shoulder to lean on. Clearly the shoulders I lean on aren’t stable enough to hold me cause all I get is the pieces of my broken dreams and wishes. I need liberation. I need solidity for myself just as I need to appreciate my solitude .I am a believer of standing on my own two feet but clearly I fail as a practitioner of it. I have been failing myself,Dawn and Mercy cause I can’t seem to grow a pair and take a step without a hand to hold me. I am done.

Today I take a step to change that.Grow a pair because I need to. I got the power and I am in control. I have been sitting on this for far too long and am done. I am done waiting on people to fulfill my dreams and am done hiding behind people’s back. I have failed myself and trust me the best liberation comes with a signature move 💇.I AM DONE💪.

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