I did it..🤗..Friends 🙄.

Hello lovelies. I am so happy today because you know what, I did it. I finally fulfilled my hearts desire and couldn’t feel any better. So I had written a short while back that I was done waiting on my ‘friends’ to accompany me to places or be there for me to do the things I wanted because I was a wuss. Yesterday I did it and went to the park.I had the best fun in a long while.It rained torrents and I think my mind was so hell

bent on having fun and enjoying my day not even the rain could change that.I am so grateful to God for allowing me to go there and have the well spent day I did. One thing for sure, I am not inviting my friends to any of my adventures that is for sure. I think I enjoy my company a lot more. Then again, I was about to go harm on how at the far back of my mind I think I have some shittyass friends. Yeah, I said it and I don’t take it back. I just won’t go into it because I would rather not :they aren’t worth it in my eyes.

So a word of advice ,if you want to go have fun and think you need a bunch of your friends to be there,love don’t play yourself. You are enough to have as much fun on your own. Let their absence not be a hindrance for you. Enjoy your day loves.

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