Wait for Mama 👶

I am taking a step that to be honest am sad about. I am making the choice to wait for something that I terribly want so much. I am taking the chance to seek consultancy on how to wait when all it feels like is me putting a hold on my need. I want to be selfish and not share ‘you’ with anyone. I dream of your little hands fitting in just right on my big ones and through it I know ‘you’ will be more than just my world. You will be my breath of fresh air, the air in my lungs and the will to see through each day. That’s how much I want to have my baby with me. I want to give them everything and more of what I never had. I pray to God about them when I haven’t even met them yet. Thinking about the possibility of you in my life brings an out of this world kind of happiness that even surpasses my understanding. I am over thinking that I am crazy,i am just in love with my future kids.

“Now I have a new motivation to wait for you. I have to wait to give you the world because I want to give you nothing less. You are already my everything and I don’t have you yet but your slot in my heart won’t lessen but expand as a patiently wait for you. When your ready I will be ready to take you up and love you like no other.Wait for mama🤰my little angel 👶.

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