Is It a fairy tale or Am I just falling

Hello. Quick question, how do people fall in love and do you know your falling in love or is it just free falling?Well I actually have never pondered over the thought, all I just know is that I want to fall in love and want someone to fall in love with me and madly in love just for the emphasis. I think we all want at some point in our lives to get a good partner to love and start a family with. I guess we could call it human nature though maybe not to everyone. Falling in love I think defers for everyone because for me I am a typical romantic kinda girl who has read too many books that are not always for her own good. Maybe not the prince charming on a horse, but the gentleman with good manners and who will sweep me off my feet .I have already gone into details of what my kind of man is all about but someone who is smart but not always so smart told me that we fall in love with our polar opposites.Do y’all think it’s true?

Well, I can’t really say whether it applies for all.But maybe it’s not always such a bad thing to fall for the ones who are different from you. For me, I guess falling in love happens over time. I don’t know whether it has a start, a pause or an end or whether you feel sparks when he or she touches your hand or whether it’s hate at first sight.. I really don’t know how people believe in falling in love. I think it’s gradual. I believe I start slow and then get to the point where my heart will want to combust into a thousand pieces with love and adoration for a person. When I constantly start to think about that person more than I can care to

admit, I know I am falling in love.When my dirty minded self wants to know how it feels to share a bed with that person because falling in love is wanting a person emotionally, sexually, mentally and all.That’s how I think I fall in love. When I start to feel a nudge of pain in my chest because that person hasn’t been around me and we either have a misunderstanding of some kind. All those are my signs that you mean more to me than I let on and it’s scary. Falling in love I mean.It’s damn scary because it’s a journey without a destination but a risk you gotta take but are not obligated to. That’s why not everyone marries those they are in love with. You choose to follow all those feelings or not. Well, I am getting there,aren’t we all?

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