Down Memory Lane 🏃

Hello lovelies. Two write downs in two days. I am making up for not writing in such a while but I guess being home brings me inspiration.Today I was going through some old junk in the house and I stumbled upon my childhood album. To say I had forgotten all about it would be me being very honest which is sad cause it has brought me back so many memories and so much of my childhood I thought was long gone ever since we moved from my childhood home a while back. Despite it being a bit beaten up and wrinkly, it’s contents held so many years of my childhood that I didn’t remember.

For the longest time I always regarded my childhood to have been boring and non interesting really 😯.I thought that maybe because I didn’t remember doing what other kids did when I was a child meant that I didn’t really have a fun memorable childhood .But I couldn’t be more wrong about that since opening my album which is like Pandora’s box. It’s like a revelation of a past I didn’t know I had and I did have a childhood ,I just didn’t recall it. I guess when other events in your life take over a lot more of your memories and emotions you push back those that were previously there.

I was a really cute kid come to think of it. I may have never jumped on a bouncing 🏰 as a child or having learned how to swim but I did go to places probably other kids did go to .In my very first class, I went to the National Park and it’s was great I guess. I was shedding teeth as you will see in a picture of mine. And I went back again in a class tour in my third class too. I remember when there, I loved seeing other kids with their families and having a bit more freedom than I had because my trip was scheduled and had teachers so it was totally different. Families would stroll with their kids and they would roam around while I had to follow a bunch of other kids and teachers in uniform and we had to follow each other in a straight line🙄.From there I decided that when I grew up I would bring myself to the National Park and I wouldn’t have to be dressed in weird looking attire and I would roam around freely without surveillance from anyone and am grateful I got to do that.I also got photos of when I celebrated my mum’s birthday and mine too.I could go on and on about each picture but I think they will do better visualization than listening to me explain about each. Enjoy going down Memory Lane with me today as I realize I had a beautiful childhood that I didn’t know about. ✋bye😊.

P.s I was not a grumpy child. I just didn’t smile a lot often. 😆😆

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