❄🎵Sky High In Colorado🎵

I have this place in my head that I derive peace from sometimes when I don’t want to be where my physical self is. I have created a home far away from home where the worries of my life are non existent and right there in my mind I have impeccable peace and tranquility.

I love it when it’s cold outside. There is just this feeling I get when it’s gloomy and dark and I am in the house. In my happy place, it snows. Always snows. I am warm and cosy with my warm cup of tea and watching the snow flakes fall. That’s contentment right there for me. Cottages are my perfect little home. Happiness is in a land of snow and splice from the world. Maybe that’s why I enjoy pushing people away a little too much. I hope someday I get to go to my happy place. Colorado, in the snow and with my cup of tea: there and then, I will truly be happy.

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