😇 or 😈

At the point at which you are at in your life, do you consider yourself a good person or a bad person.Or are you caught in the middle🤔?If you don’t have an answer, trust me I think your not the only one. What in your context do you think defines whether you are a good or bad person. Maybe it’s your religion and the denomination you conform to OR maybe it’s your actions as a human being and your virtues. Whatever it is, it’s on you to answer that million dollar question. In my books, I don’t know if I am either good or bad. I am not really sure what in my books defines the question. If I take my aspect of being a Christian, I sin more times than I can count (God forgive me 🙏) and if I take it on the terms of what I have done and my actions, I would be lying if I said I have been Hail Mary all through. So what really makes me good or what makes me bad?

I think what my heart does and the intention of my actions is what makes me what I am. The little voice in your head that knows the truth and your subconscious that gives you shit for doing bad things when you know it’s wrong is what makes you a good person. Means you got a guilty conscience and you damn care.You could do good things but your heart and the intention behind the action is dark, does that make you a good person. Are you all through out good/ bad or does it change over time?These are souly your questions to answer. There are some real good hearted people out there and some really bad people too. Where do you belong?Think about it 😏,might be surprised you ain’t so bad .✌

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