Gaining my Peace

I just realized that I get a lot of my inspiration whenever I hear a song and maybe seconds earlier I didn’t have anything to write about. So I will be posting the song that inspires every specific post. For this one, Grown by Chloe X Hale has done it for me.

I remember when I wanted to get my very first tattoo and what I kept telling myself so I wouldn’t back out from it. I decided that I was old enough to make my own decisions and take the consequences whichever they would be. I chose to be mature about what I do and take full on responsibility of my life choices and I haven’t gone back on my choice. Here I am ten months later with three tattoos on me and gone are the days I was a flower that hadn’t been popped..

I recently have been feeling pressure and not really sure where it’s stemming from. Its been a week since I opened school and I can’t say am all giddy about it. I recently called it quits with a guy but out of respect of my privacy and his I won’t go into that. I have been terribly homesick and missing being in my happy place, comfort zone and unlimited tranquility :my home. With each of those reasons, do you think it is enough for me to say I felt like shit and it wasn’t crazy I took the first vehicle home yesterday to clear my head. Either way, I am already home so crazy or not, I am home and couldn’t be happier to be where all my senses are calm and collected.

This is my kind of crazy, making decisions and sticking with them. Coming home and skipping school to gather my thoughts and feelings about everything that’s going on around me and in me.Not knowing where this blog post is going but willing myself to write about it anyway. I guess I am growing up.✌

P.s picture of Chloe X Hale

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