My resolve

My whole resolve of what I want in a relationship is commitment. Do I have it all wrong and jumping into conclusion that I am not good enough anymore and that’s why you never there? Is this me jumping into conclusion that you no longer look at me the same, that the sparkle in your eyes no longer lights up for me like it did?I am so far behind in your mind that you don’t recall to say hi. Maybe I’m not as innocent too because my mind keeps reeling from whether your worth it anymore. Worth my patience and my feelings. Don’t take it wrong, I want to stick around and be there. There there, not there to be forgotten or assumed but to be acknowledged and loved. To be remembered as a part of you and not as your cuddle buddy. It’s not too much to ask is it, that I want things to be different. I don’t want you to be different.Maybe I simply don’t want you anymore. Maybe I want someone who will be there and not keep me in the shadows like a dark secret. It’s no longer up-to you for me to wait, patience has never really been a virtue of mine anyways. I know you care, you just don’t care enough. No need to beat ourselves up over spilt milk, we buy new milk in a new packet. I guess I cared too, just not enough to be pushed farther away everyday.

My resolve is I cared, just not enough to question my self worth for you and whether being good enough to watch you slip is strength or weakness. We cared,then.✌

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