Chronicles of my Emotions… Chapter three 😊

I guess I was extremely used to sulking and my writing sorta felt the same too for a while now. Today is different. My emotions feel more pleasant and if I am not mistaken, I feel happy. It’s scary saying it, saying that I am happy because I feel like I might just jinx it. But yeah, I feel good inside. Curious to know why 🤔😏?

I don’t really know why I am more cheerful and pleasant. Or maybe I do but my fear that it’s just all a matter of time that it will be a mere memory and it will be gone. I am happy because I cared enough to forgive and it was worth it, I’m hoping it was worth it. I feel at peace and am cherishing it. He makes me smile and laugh, something I hadn’t done in a while. He hurt me too, but he brought back my peace. I am scared he will as easily break me just as he put me back in place. I guess its all a matter of taking the risk. I definitely am, putting my heart on the line.

I hope it last. I don’t know nor am I sure how long my happiness will go on but I wanna make it worth my while. I hope the fragility that I have slowly been put back in half will hold on long enough to become strong. ✌

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