Hotel rooms and Walks of Shame 🌃🌅🏃

So I have had quite a lot on my mind. Like for one, I had a pregnancy scare not so long ago.. Don’t judge, I have slip ups too. It was exhilaratingly scary as well as somewhat exciting thinking of the possibility of me finally being pregnant. But y’all can take a chill pill, I am not pregnant. The other thing is that I have been meaning to write for the longest time now but whenever I start, I loose grasp of what it was I intended to write. I have the content in my head but I haven’t had the right words to put it down. I want to spice the content of my blog a little bit more than just my life experiences. I want to incorporate a little bit of certain controversial issues especially those that people are either shy to talk to about like sex.

I am fascinated by the topic of sex because it’s a phenomenon for me. I’m at the point in my life where I am very sexually curious and hence active. I’m venturing in something that most would regard obscene ;I grew up being well that sex before marriage was a taboo and inappropriate because it was meant for the man I will eventually be married to. I can’t exactly say I disagree with that notion since its not wrong but I believe at the point at which I am as an adult, it’s difficult to suppress certain physical urges and bodily changes. I am not ashamed to put it out there that I enjoy sex like every other normal human being who is sexually active.Admitting this doesn’t make me a sex crazed person at all and therefore I don’t and won’t advocate for slut shaming of whatever kind. This space right here is my open space to write about whatsoever I wish and deem appropriate to reveal about myself and my experiences and that means it doesn’t exactly matter to me if it sits well with anyone else apart from myself. Probably the only difference is I look at sex a little bit more differently than others or most. It’s not just a matter of the bonding of our body parts for me. It’s the intimacy and rawness about it that just fascinates me. I don’t know much about meaningless sex but it doesn’t appeal to me at all. Which brings me to the soul reason and intent for this post….one night stands.

Have I had a one night stand, probably. Did I enjoy it, absolutely not! Do I ever want to have a one night stand again, hell yeah! I just want it completely different than just meaningless sex with a stranger. My mind has conjured this fairy tale set up of how I would like my experience of a one night stand to be but just like I said, it’s a fairy tale which I sure as ain’t in. In reality speaking, a one night stand would exactly be that. A one night thing. Me and a sexy stranger because I sure as hell ain’t taking anything less with me. It’s a one time thing, I want it to be great to a tee. I recently was listening to a podcast called thespread by KazLucas. She is great and she is my inspiration in being able to openly talk about sex and other subjects in its relation. In her podcast about one -night stands, she said if you intend to have a one- night stand ,it’s preferable not to take the stranger to your house. This is cause it saves you the agony of having to politely kick them out in the morning or of having to offer cooking breakfast for them as a courtesy call. It’s better if y’all both do the walk of shame individually from a hotel room. It was a one night stand, not a ‘can we cuddle and have morning sex’ kinda agreement. It’s saves the awkwardness .I also would prefer that at least the guy whom I intend to spend the night with, for us to have great chemistry you know.. It doesn’t have to be sparks flying, nah, I ain’t asking for him to walk me down the isle. I just want me and him to have a vibe and groove. Flirt here and there 😏, a little bit of touching, hell make me giggle like a school girl on her first date 😅…

When we both have verbally or telepathically agreed that we will be leaving together and I have qualified that the guy is not a possible serial killer or rapist, this is for you guys, don’t act all entitled and think that just cause you probably bought me a few drinks in a club and are gonna be with me for the night, don’t insist on us going to your place. It’s preferable a mutual place incase you think of acting like a douche in the morning. A hotel would allow me to do my walk of shame without having to feel the need for small talk with the guy. I wouldn’t want it to be awkward or have to say “hey, thank you for the mind blowing sex last night, maybe we can do this some other time “🙄hell no.If I leave before the guy is up in the morning, I scribble a small note of good morning and great night. No contact exchange, no breakfast in bed or leaving any items behind. A one night stand is simply that, a one night stand. ✌

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