My 2018 Highlights 💢

So we are about to complete this very lengthy year that has been quite the rollercoaster for me and am sure for some of you too. I would wanna say I wish it would prolong a little longer but that would be a big white lie 😅. For starters I am actually somewhat excited to start the new year and unravel a whole new set of interesting, suckish and possibly sexual escapades.From the beginning of the year, I guess I opened it quite exhilarating. I had sex for the first time and sadly I can’t say it was the best first time but I got the hang of it. For starters,a piece of advice just for anyone who intends to have their first time of sex, please don’t go with expectations of roses 🌹 and petals. Out of courtesy for my partner then, I won’t go into details on how mine turned out but trust me, it’s not sparks flying or rainbows .But maybe it was just me, if your man is going to give it to you like in a fairy tale movie, good for you 🐼. Another highlight of my year, I cut my hair and went short. Did this on April ;probably best hair decision I have made ever .It was a transition for me. I realized that as girls or females in general we hold so much about our appeal and our outlook on just our hair and I personally needed to let go of that and I am glad I did. Also hair is just too damn high maintenance and I don’t have a genie in a bottle to grant me all my wishes. Then again, I also like my hair short, makes me look cuter.My year was not all sex and hair cuts. It had its downwards spirals which were a pretty dark time for me. Struggled with depression and anxiety for an entire semester. Those of you who read my blogs know it was quite the dreadful period for me. I hated it and in my own twisted way was drawn to it too. I learned a lot then, it was an eye opener cause I learned who my real friends were and I made a greater friend in my therapist. I honestly wouldn’t be here without her cause I was a ticking time bomb💣waiting to explode 💥. I am a whole lot better now, my mental health at the moment is stable, it seemed far fetched then but I hacked it and am proud of myself for getting out of that dark hole.Finally, another highlight of my life is letting go of certain people who were either just too toxic or non beneficial to me. I am one person who holds on to pain a lot and I never exactly get over it. It still lurks around my mind therefore certain virtues such as forgiveness don’t come easy. I had really held on to a very toxic relationship with a friend but I couldn’t seem to ever get of a bad history we had. I think it’s time I finally close that chapter in my life .Therefore it’s behind me, I have held on to so much resentment and anger that I was never willing to see beyond her mistakes. But it all over now. Everything about her is over now. For those other people I gave such regard as friends but clearly proved me wrong, boy/girl 👋 bye. For the beautiful souls who have been with me and held my hand, I can’t wait to start another beautiful year with you and make a whole new set of memories together.My hopes for the new year,better sex and an even better experience in learning more about my sexuality and exploring everything beautiful about it. Making new wonderful memories with the people I love and experiencing new adventures. Meeting new people too and if lucky, a sexy hunk with a red bow tied around his crotch 😜.Try out new foods too is in my to do list for the new year. Travel more; I need to get out of my shell, been stuck in it too damn long. Happy new year my peeps. 🤘

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  1. You look adorable with shorter hair! it’s very flattering to you 😊. It sounds to me as if you’ve learned a lot more about how you define yourself, which is BRILLIANT! Well done, and high five!

    Happy, Happy 2019

      • Oh… No. I can’t possible be the only one, you’ve got too much talent and energy! I love how you write, and how you are so self aware. You deserve to be encouraged and boosted, because you are absolutely made of the golden glow of the Universe.
        Keep going – keep learning about what works for you, how you discover this, how you set your boundaries. You’re inspirational to those who read you, and may just be too shy to say “Hi”.

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