‘ Mighty ‘ Fall… ⚠️

Oh how low the “mighty” have fallen. Just in case your wondering who the mighty in this case is, it’s none other than me. I remember a time I used to write on this same very blog out of a positive niche and now, I’m doing it as preventive measure to stop myself from slipping into my pit of self harm. I’m writing this post sourly because if I don’t, sooner than later I’ll be staring at bloody wrist. I’m the mighty that’s fallen. I’m the mighty who’s weak now. I’m the mighty who can’t seem to stay on their own for less than a day without going mental. Yeah, maybe I was never mighty to begin with..

I’ve scavenged through social trying to find an answer to my twisted mind’s conception. It’s been less than four hours since what I can now term as the glue that was keeping me together left. I want to rip myself open with shame for the thoughts in my head. I’m not worthy celebrating the past twenty seven days free of self harm because they clearly were just an illusion to finally getting better or at least, less mental. How stupid could I get to believe I had it in me to conquer this because clearly, it was just a waiting game. All I’ve been is a sitting duck. Why am I surprised that I would feel this shallow & weak the minute solitude and loneliness creeps back in like the darkness in the night?? I should have known that it was just a matter of time before I sank back in.

It’s like a blanket of shame that’s wrapped around me because recently I’ve had so many loved ones & friends cheer me on for holding it together for those 27 days & now here I am, at the blink of a relapse. I’m not worthy of their cheer. I wish I didn’t know that cutting could turn out to be an addiction because that’s a lot of what it feels like at the moment. I wish I could say I am strong enough to fight this deep sated twisted emotion that’s slowly crippling me. I may fight now, but who’s to say I will fight it tomorrow… Who’s to say ,I won’t give in ?

I can no longer keep leaning on others to silence my mind. I can no longer keep up with the constant battle in my head between being rational & loving to myself over sating this demented feeling that keeps cutting through every little ray of sunshine that tries to seep in. I can no longer look myself in the mirror and think am worthy of people’s efforts to try fix me anymore. This is my battle now, I can either win or loose. In either ways, the playing field is my mind.

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  1. **hugs** Oh Sweetheart. Believe it or not, you’ve hit a milestone. You’ve gone almost 4 weeks without cutting. Do you really want to retrace your steps, and go back to zero?
    I’m so worried about you – you sound like you have some support but it’s not getting through the miasma of pain that you’re in. I know it’s difficult to find a place to go, a safe place, but again – I strongly encourage it.
    I’m not a doctor, a psychologist, therapist or anything other than a woman who has battled these demons my whole life. It’s taken time to get the right diagnoses and medications, but I happen to be a little weird in how my body processes things that don’t bother others. I truly believe that there is a way to help you, to ease the symptoms you have, to allow you to feel without the blade. It’s a battle, but, Hun , you’re worth fighting for. I wish you could see the amazing, brilliant, loving woman I see when you write. You have value and are worthy. Trust that there is a way to find the help you need. **hugs**

    • Thank you so much 😥😥😥…I’m just so exhausted. Nothing seems to be working. I’m so alone in this that no one can see that I’m dying slowly inside. I appreciate your words and your care all across the world. I’m hoping to find it in me to see a psychiatrist but haven’t gotten the funding for it. It’s really hard but am grateful for your support and I honestly love you for everything. 💞💞❤❤

  2. I don’t know if I never noticed your picture before, but dang, girl! You’re beautiful, and that matches your spirit.

    I’m frustrated on your behalf, if you were here, I know at least three places I could take you for help, and a few good therapists and so on. I know the system locally. But there? I don’t have the knowledge to guide you. Keep fighting – instead of cutting, write out whatever it is that makes you want to harm yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s ugly, or if you can’t read it again, or if it feels strange to let it out. Or paint it, or draw it, or do whatever you can besides self harm. I’ve found it helps to have a different release. I’m going to have to find some of those “letters” I’ve written to people and burn them! 💕💕💕

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