Selena Gomez …my muse❤❤

Ever felt connected to someone in the most absurd sense. I’ve always felt that whenever listening to Selena Gomez. Today, I have had the privilege to listen to a beautiful song that’s touched my very wrecked up soul. I can’t even begin to explain how connected I’ve felt listening to her new hit, Loose you to love me. I’ve never done this before where I wrote about someone else other than myself and the fucked up baggage I come with. My heart feels lighter just listening to it and it’s so beautiful and so raw. That’s why I’ve always loved her and her music. Maybe because I know she’s struggled previously with mental health and we are ‘connected’ through our struggles. So if y’all get the chance, listen to that song, if it doesn’t touch your heart ,you sure as hell don’t have one. 😳

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