…a sneaky link with a 🍔 on the side.

Do you know what I’d really like right now, a nice cheesy 🍔… wouldn’t that be amazing 😋… A nice pickle filled, cheesy pilled & patty roasted burger would give me such great contentment right now, at least some sense of it. Yeah, I’d like that, among other things. I gotta admit, it’s exhausting being me right now. I’m living in this cycle where I don’t know who I am and where my head space is ever at but I don’t want to dwell on that right now, I just want to put out there the other normal stuff I get to feel every once in a while, at least those non related to my ailing mind.

How’s covid been treating y’all? I don’t mean literally, I mean it more figuratively. What are you doing during quarantine? I actually have made attempts at trying new recipes of meals I’ve seen online. For some recipes, I had the intention to cook them but oh well, my mind had other plans. So I honestly hope you are doing a lot better than I am. I enjoy eating nice food & snacks, right now, I’d take American candy in a heartbeat. I’ve missed licorice & I’d like to try gummy bears too.

Apart from food 😅, I’ve missed having a human male connection. Yes, I miss having a deep rooted connection to the opposite sex. They may be complicated to understand on most days but we can’t basically live without them. I had that bond not too long ago with someone but things got a tad bit complicated but I do miss that. If I’m being honest, it feels absurd to me that I can still afford to feel horny even in the midst of the mental battle I’m facing but yeah, I’m undoubtedly in need of not just an emotional bond with a guy but a physical one too 😏.

In this recent times I’m living in, I’m experiencing something I’ve never been one to detect as easily ,especially within myself. Moods are very complex aspect, especially for a female & now I can very well say, I have no idea where my moods come from. They are major fuck ups cause they know no bounds. I hate them, that’s the much I can say in relation to the subject.

So with that much said, I can’t think of anything else interesting that hasn’t been decimated by my mind enough to bring me any sense of comfort. So yeah, I want a burger and a little bit of loving. Hopefully, that ain’t asking for much. I guess all in all, I just wanted to show that despite the state of my mind, I’ve not completely lost it, I guess feeling horny isn’t so bad at all.

P. S. I’d appreciate a burger anyday, just putting that out there. 😅

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