Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…

Merry Christmas guys. I know this will go up probably three days after Christmas but what the heck, it is the thought that counts. Hoping that your Christmas holiday has been full of cheer and wonderous adventure. Mine, maybe not all that adventurous but it has been full of cheer. I was able to spend time with family who is beyond the circle of just my father and sister. To be quite honest, I was uncertain of what my feelings were on having cousins over because quite frankly, I am not the biggest people person. I have very little energy for myself, sometimes offering it to others can be quite a tedious task for me. All in all, it has been a fun three days of cheer and merry-making.

I appreciate it immensely that I got to experience and enjoy the little bit of Christmas cheer that I got to have. I have to admit that since December started, I have not been feeling much of the Christmas spirit and it did not absolutely help with the fact that there stood an air of uncertainty on whether there was going to be much of a Christmas at all. Since my dad retired, the financial state of my family has been hanging on a loose thread hence the air of uncertainty. Graciously, everything panned out for the better and Christmas has been great non the less.

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