New Year Resolutions

New year resolution

I feel like I have to make this clear, I am not big on new year resolutions. I cannot recall a time in the past years where I have found myself creating resolutions at the beginning of any new year. I am still at the point at which the new year is a mere continuation of the last year, most especially during the transition from new years’ eve to the beginning of the first day of a new year.

This year though might probably be the first year I decide on having a resolution because why the hell not. With no substantial reason, I will have only one resolution for myself. I choose to have one merely because it is a start.

Being a plus size girl

For those who might not know this, I am a plus size girl. For the better part of being one, I have not always embraced it as a nature. It has always sort of felt like an inadequacy. It recently came to my attention that I actually no longer mind being plus size. I have to admit, it seems to bother those around me that I am a bigger girl than most. I wish I had the understanding of why, but genuinely, I would prefer they didn’t shove their opinions on my weight down my throat.

Accepting that I am big is one thing, being comfortable overall about it is still something I am working on. I try to derive inspiration from following other plus size women online and it does help in building the general confidence I need to eventually be okay fully as a plus size girl. It has taken me quite a lot of pep talks to myself to get me to wear a dress that compliments my body and it wasn’t until this weekend at a gathering where I was absolutely unconscious of the fact that I was in a dress while out in public. I was comfortable and that was all that seemed to matter which if I may, I would consider that a good start.

My new year resolution

My resolution for the year is to grow into my acceptance of my body while loving it as it is. This means taking better care of it, appreciating it, affirming it and everything else that feels good towards it. I want to wear dresses more and look stunning in them. I want to wear hugging jeans that show my curves just enough to still feel comfortable in them. I want to feel confident with my triple D sized cups and rolled up belly. All those parts of myself that were shunned before, I want to show them, love. They deserve to be loved and appreciated. Therefore that is my one resolution for the year.

Merry Christmas 🎅🎅

Merry Christmas guys. I know this will go up probably three days after Christmas but what the heck, it is the thought that counts. Hoping that your Christmas holiday has been full of cheer and wonderous adventure. Mine, maybe not all that adventurous but it has been full of cheer. I was able to spend time with family who is beyond the circle of just my father and sister. To be quite honest, I was uncertain of what my feelings were on having cousins over because quite frankly, I am not the biggest people person. I have very little energy for myself, sometimes offering it to others can be quite a tedious task for me. All in all, it has been a fun three days of cheer and merry-making.

I appreciate it immensely that I got to experience and enjoy the little bit of Christmas cheer that I got to have. I have to admit that since December started, I have not been feeling much of the Christmas spirit and it did not absolutely help with the fact that there stood an air of uncertainty on whether there was going to be much of a Christmas at all. Since my dad retired, the financial state of my family has been hanging on a loose thread hence the air of uncertainty. Graciously, everything panned out for the better and Christmas has been great non the less.