Staying Woke ✊🏿

So earlier today I was scrolling through my twitter and I came across a video that really got me thinking about a now common aspect that’s a touchy subject to most but it’s present especially among the millennials.This is the link to the video http://Check out @Refinery29’s Tweet:… I won’t really delve into what the video contained but those who will read this by any chance can tap on the link to see what exactly it was about.

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So the elephant in the ‘room’ in this case is how I have viewed and felt about homosexuality for the time I have known about it and learned what it entails. To be pretty honest ,it’s one of the topics I have truly tried to avoid having to write about in hopes to not offend anyone who may have reservations about it whether be it positive or negative. But today I am choosing to write about it because it’s no longer a subject that’s behind the shadows or hidden but it’s openly discussed .Then again, I constantly have to remind myself and those who take their time to read my blog/person journal that I don’t write for them, I write as a means of expressing my thoughts and feelings about what I experience in life.

When I saw this video, it felt a lot like a blind fold was taken off my eyes and I viewed the video not as two lesbians having a heart to heart conversation about their relationship but as two souls in love and it was honestly the most beautiful expression of love that I haven’t seen in a while. Previously I have had so many reservations about this specific topic because I have had it in mind to be hesitant in accepting something new and completely against a whole lot of my beliefs and principles that I got to be raised in. It went against not just my cultural beliefs but also my religious beliefs and how it’s perceived in Christianity. I guess I didn’t really know how to wrap my head around it and not be a stereotype about it but at the same time try understand what it entirely is about and why it seems to be such a taboo of a topic.

At first I was more of unbothered about it than open to it but that’s until I got to be in the middle of dramatic relationship whereby this specific aspect was the greatest factor. That period of time and experience with homosexuality really damaged my view on it. It felt a lot like it came along with immaturity of the said party and irresponsibility, emotional instability and just plain havoc especially because I was on the receiving end of all those negative outcomes. That whole experience gave me enough reason to feel homophobic just cause I had a terrible time .I realize now that I shouldn’t have been that fast to judge and jump to conclusions about homosexuals just from one bad experience with one person… Now I actually feel apologetic towards not having dealt with the situation better.

Despite what I may think and all my beliefs regarding homosexuality, I now think that with the growing culture existent and diversity in life, I’m no one to judge why people choose who they choose to love. I’m just one person who can either choose to be closed minded of such people and their culture or accept that it’s the life they have chosen for themselves and if it makes them happy, I’m no one to stand against their happiness. Love truly doesn’t have a choice and it’s not limited on specifics .Its non judgemental and free. So I may not understand the concept of loving someone of the same sex but I will allow myself to not look at them from a stereotypical point of view. That video really touched a part of me and the genuine emotion in the air between those two lovers was one that was quite undeniable. I acknowledge that probably not everyone who’s gonna read this will see it like I am now but well,its their choice. I am not writing about it to get validation on it, let me make that clear. It’s simply me acknowledging that now I think differently concerning it and I will strive to understand more other than jump into judging them. I’m staying woke people, you should too. ✌🏿

BDSM ‘ing this shit with the Kink Test😋😉

So this will probably be among one of my favourite post cause I’m so excited to write about it and I hope you’ll be just as excited to read it for those who enjoy getting snippets of how my mind and a bit of my life is. A few minutes ago I just came across a kink test to evaluate how kinky a person is and me being me and super curious just had to try it out. For those who have previously read my blogs, I have been very open about my interest in BDSM and the kinkiness of it. I’m not fully fledged into it but I’m curious and willing to learn the ropes of how it all is and where my interest lie. For starters, if you wanna take the test , i will post the link on my status pages on twitter and on whatsapp. Its quite amazing to learn what exactly it is your interested in after answering the questions.

This 👆is how the test looks like when you first log in with the link. I was super giddy when it went through because I have scavaged the internet for stuff concerning BDSM and kinks but most times I never get something substantial and therefore I haven’t really ventured in it as much. Again in Kenya it’s not as common and if it is, I haven’t gotten the connections apart from the spread podcast that I listen to that is sex education based so it has all the stuff concerning sex and everything else that comes along with it. As I said before, sex is nothing to be embarrassed about. For me I am choosing not to be embarrassed but proud that am currently exploring what it is about my sex life that I want to venture in and BDSM is just one of those things..

So this ☝️was how the questions from the beginning at the top all the way to the bottom final questions were in the test. I didn’t take pictures of my answers cause I consider them personal but I will reveal the results at the end of the blog. The questions were quite interesting and amusing at the same time. Through them I was able to gauge what kind of kink am into and what exactly I can’t try out in BDSM. I do advice that if you are interested or at all feel that you might have a kink or you usually are curious to try out a bit of different stuff during sex, this is your test too. It won’t hurt to try it out. If you at all not interested 🙂, feel free to not be bothered. Having a kink is not a must. It’s optional and for those who have them, it doesn’t make them any different. Just cause I love to have a bit of fun while having sex doesn’t mean my morals are non existent. So this a free non judgemental space and I want or hope to set an example by showing that it’s okay to be sexually different in your wants and needs.

The above are archetypes of BDSM. The different natures in BDSM. They will make it easier to understand where you lie in having a kink. It will also make it easier to understand the results after your done with the test. And now for my results which I still haven’t read through 🤔…

And my results are actually quite good for me. I’m a complete experimentalist .I’m BDSM curious and my test results just proved it. It also shows am quite the naughty submissive 😝 under the archetype brat… I’ve always sorta guessed between being a dominant and a sub that I am definitely a sub. It’s no secret at this point that I love myself a good strong dom 🤤..for the rest of the other archetypes, feel free to question me about them. I’ll also do a little bit more research about them since its all about learning.This whole exercise just made my evening and I hope that y’all who will read this will feel free to share what their kinks are. ✌